💡 This refers to the Classification of Subsurface Utility Information.

🚦 When Underground Service Locators mark out the location of infrastructure on your property or work site, they will generally mark the different assets in colours coded to the Australian Standard (or inform you otherwise).

🤓 These ground markings will be accompanied by information such as a letter eg ‘E’ for electrical lines, a depth reading if the signal is not distorted, and a quality level eg QL-B (for a non-distorted signal on an EMF located asset).

❗ Most asset owners have conditions such as a Telstra’s Duty of Care statement on what activities can be carried out within certain distances of their infrastructure.

👉🏽 For instance, mechanical excavation must not occur within 1.0m of a Telstra cable, and the the location must be verified to QL-A (Quality Level A, physical sighting) through non-destructive digging (such as digging with a non-metallic hand shovel or vacuum excavation).

📨 Contact Subsurface Locating if you have any questions or concerns regarding your next digging project in South East Queensland.

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