👷🏽‍♂️Subsurface Locating technicians are Certified Locators with DBYD Certification Ltd.

✅ Completing the Certified Locator program and its rigorous assessment ensures that underground service locators have the knowledge base, necessary, calibrated equipment and practical skills to maximise success in tracing assets on your work site, and minimise risk of infrastructure damage and injury during manual and mechanical excavation.

🤔 The acronym DBYD comes from Dial Before You Dig which is now Before You Dig Australia (BYDA).

📨 The BYDA app allows anyone requiring asset plans to make a request to affected asset owners and receive plans and duty of care statements in a timely manner.

⚠️ Remember, all plans are AS5488 Quality Level D (lowest accuracy, high risk of damage) and that not all asset owners in an area are always listed with BYDA.

👇🏽Always follow the “5 Ps”:

💻 Plan: Lodge a BYDA enquiry for plans and contact other possible asset owners not with BYDA

👷🏽‍♂️ Prepare: Review plans and check the site for surface features such as pit lids and manhole covers or trenches. Engage a Certified Locator to locate assets via EMF (electromagnetic field) locating.

🕳️ Pothole: To establish a visual, Quality Level A confirmation of the asset location, pothole if permitted using the asset owner’s stated method in their duty of care or referral conditions, usually via non-destructive digging such as vacuum excavation or digging with a non-metallic hand shovel.

🚧 Protect: Erect barriers and make sure exposed assets are marked, ensuring all workers and visitors on site are informed.

👌🏽 Proceed: Only proceed with the works once the above steps are completed, and if not contravened by the asset owners regulations. Ensure no assets have been damaged, and that all exposed assets are filled in when the work at the site is complete.